Vinegar – the miracle cleaner

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Tackling my spring cleaning was always a job I hated until I realized I didn’t need all of the protective gear that’s necessary when using the toxic and chemical-laden chemicals that make up the array of commercially available cleaners. Two simple – and natural – products are all I really need to tackle many of my home-cleaning chores: vinegar and baking soda.

White distilled vinegar is very economical, eco-friendly, and due to its acidic content is effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs.

These are some of my favorite uses for vinegar:

– Use paper towels soaked in full strength vinegar to clean that grime off of the top of your fridge and stove hood. Also good for wiping down the inner sides of your dishwasher door.

– Once a month put a cup of vinegar into your dishwasher and run it through a full cycle. This will eliminate and odors or soap build-up.

– Use a solution of half water and half vinegar to regularly wipe down the insides of your fridge.

– For a clean and fresh (and sanitized) garbage disposal, freeze vinegar in ice cube trays and run them through your garbage disposal with a little dish soap.

– Coffee makers could use a good cleaning once a month. Run a cup of vinegar through a cycle and then two cycles of water to rinse well. This will remove any mineral build-up and leave your coffee tasting the way it should.

– To get rid of build-up in your tea kettle, let it sit overnight with a mixture of water and a half cup of vinegar or boil with full strength vinegar for a few minutes. This works like magic.

– Use full strength vinegar in your flower vases to remove those mineral rings. Let it sit overnight and then rinse.

– If you use aluminum pots (I still do, I have several of my grandmother’s Guardian pots) use a solution of half vinegar and half water and boil for a few minutes to remove stains and dark discolorations.

– Clean your manual can-openers with an old toothbrush and full strength vinegar.

– Soak your spongers in vinegar instead of bleach to keep them germ- and bacteria-free.

– Use full strength vinegar to remove soap film on your shower doors, tub, and sinks. It will also clean your grout if left to sit overnight.

– Keep a spray bottle with full strength vinegar in your bathroom for a quick surface sanitizing on a regular basis.

– Remove stains on your linoleum flooring by applying full strength vinegar, allowing it to sit for 15-20 minutes.

– For tougher jobs, add baking soda to vinegar to create a paste and apply a bit of elbow grease.

These are but a few of the many uses for vinegar around your home. Vinegar is an economical, eco-friendly, and non-hazardous way to tackle your spring cleaning.


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