Hope’s Cafe – HoverCam Neo3 giveaway

Before I read the wonderful review over at Hope’s Cafe on the HoverCam document scanner/camera I had no idea such a thing existed. Now that I know about it I can think of lots of applications where I would find it useful. And she’s giving one away! From Hope’s review:

“It combines Versatility and Portability – Shoot any Letter sized paper in any direction while maintaining a nimble footprint that fits in your briefcase. It combines a powerful Zoom and Usability – Bring the finest details into 40x crystal clarity with the touch of your mouse wheel. It combines Clarity and Speed – See the finest details without blurriness and without delay. It is twice the camera – Dual camera configuration lets you shoot Picture-In-Picture. It is twice the output – VGA and USB video outputs equally in full motion HD.

Best of all, it combines affordability with performance. Neo 3 is a budget saver with top notch performance found in cameras more than twice its cost.”

Head over to her place and check out this very cool gadget. You will be impressed!

While you’re there, leave your entries on the rafflecopter; this may be your lucky day.

ENTER HERE: Hope’s Cafe – HoverCam Neo3 giveaway


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